Vintage 1984 NIke Zoom SMU

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The SMU : It was Lucky for Nike that its rival brands, Adidas and Puma were European. They were promoting their products aggressively in the U.S but their efforts were not exactly perfect. A prime example can be seen in how flexible the manufacturers could meet the needs of athlètes. In that respect, Nike is a grass roots business. The company befriended athlètes through honest promotional activities. It was natural that soes of special make up (SMU) were born through such processes.

Most of these SMU were made in USA. In order to respond immediately to an athlete’s or a team’s request, the company utilized its domestic factory in Exeter, New Hampshire. Although we describe these shoes as SMU, their characteristic vary. Some are completely new prototypes while others are mere color changes. Yet, one thing is clear, Nike produced huge amounts of such shoes, specifically for promotional purposes in comparison to other makers.

Source : Blue Ribbons from Takatoshi Akutagawa

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