Who are we?

ShoesYourVintage (SYV) is the first fashion house dedicated to vintage sneakers

As Nike has remained the flagship brand in the history of sneakers, ShoesYourVintage is specifically dedicated to vintage Nike sneakers from their creation in 1972 until the mid-80s. Moreover, ShoesYourVintage innovates by offering a unique collection of unused vintage Nike sneakers (over 100 pairs).

ShoesYourVintage acts as a real time machine and takes you deep into the heart of the seventies and eighties. Looking at the materials, color coding, molds and at the artistic direction towards such sneakers, among the original Air Jordan, basketball from the mid-80s or running from the mid-70s, around 1000 published pictures of sneakers enable us to observe that Nike has been one of the most beautiful brands of all times.

Since August 2001, Benjamin Chosidow, founder of ShoesYourVintage, has specialized in original unused Nike sneakers. From Colette where he started out until this day, Benjamin has always been keen on setting up a start-up that would be entirely dedicated to the sale of original unused sneakers from the 70s and 80s, which he keeps finding all over the planet, across the United States, Europe and Japan.

Virginie Ledoyen has accepted to become the brand ambassadress of such new Parisian fashion house.

1985 Air Jordan I Carolina, 1985 Vandal, 1985 Team Convention, 1982 Elite, 1981 Mariah, 1980 Air Leisure, 1979 Roadrunner, 1978 Nighttrak.

ShoesYourVintage stretches boundaries of time in offering a thorough selection of vintage sneakers in deadstock conditions.

Embodying ultraluxury by the rarity of the pairs it is selling that have become unique, ShoesYourVintage is the showcase of the history of Nike and of its creation.










Authentic vintage collection