Vintage 1979 Nike Challenger

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In the original box (different size box) – Orange swoosh tag

Bermuda and Challenger were developed during the same period.
Both can be described as prototypes for future generation Nike shoes. There are two reasons. First is the upper, which was a complex combination of mesh, nylon and suede. Mesh is breathable but heavy and not flexible enough. So effort was made to minimize its use. Second is the “Variable Width System” where shoelace holes were positioned in a zigzag so that wearers could tighten or loosen it any way they liked. These characteristics were to become standard designs in running shoes made after 1980s. We can see that both shoes went through trial and error to achieve the design for the mesh part. It is a proof that other companies have not produced shoe of this kind at that time.

Source : Blue Ribbons from Takatoshi Akutagawa

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